Forest of Dean Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapist Gloucestershire

dean hypnotherapy mitcheldean forest of dean gloucestershire

Is there something in the way of you making the most of your miraculous life? Would you like to change? I can help.

Change is wondrously constant and the brain fantastically flexible, but sometimes we need a little help to make those changes positive, specific and long-lasting.

During a FREE initial consultation, you can learn how the brain works, how we can suffer in the way we do and what we can do about it, and welcome some great changes into your life with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, the gold standard in hypnotherapy.

Forest of Dean Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapist Gloucestershire

Why Dean Hypnotherapy?

Change is just around the corner, so what are you waiting for?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is highly effective, utilising your natural relaxed state of mind to help you reach your true potential or change a behavioural pattern or habit.

Based on a modern understanding of how the brain works, it uses specialist techniques – the very best procedures that science and research prescribe – to implement positive and lasting changes in your life.

It can treat all kinds of emotional, nervous or psychological problems, and can also be beneficial in motivating people, whether in sports or to succeed in personal or business life.

Hypnosis is the single most powerful psychotherapeutic tool for breaking the negative trance states of depression and anxiety.

I am a full-time Solution Focused Hypnotherapist.

I provide a relaxed, professional and nonjudgemental service in my therapy room in Mitcheldean in the Forest of Dean.

Before hypnotherapy, I was an Occupational Therapist for 15 years working in a variety of clinical settings within the NHS, including physical dysfunction, mental health, learning disabilities and challenging behaviour.

I trained at the prestigious Clifton Practice in Bristol, an accredited centre of excellence in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, with the Director and Senior Course Lecturer David Newton, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, DHP FAPHP MNCH MNCP SHS SQHP Sup Hyp.

I am fully insured, DBS checked, regularly supervised, enjoying much continued professional development, and a member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.

I have a colourful history that includes depression, suicidal ideation, anxiety, chronic pain and severe Crohn’s disease – all a thing of the past but these experiences can be useful for us in the therapy room.

The initial consultation is FREE – a chance to make sure I am the best person to help you, and you will leave with a new knowledge and understanding of the person you are.

During the sessions we will focus on what you aim to achieve, rather than the problems that prompted you to seek change, and utilise the power of trance, a natural state of mind and a regular part of everyday life, to help effect deep and lasting change.

While in trance, you will be fully in control, aware of your surroundings and wonderfully relaxed.

There is so much research suggesting that measured outcomes are not only good practice but can also increase the performance of the professional, that Dean Hypnotherapy uses Corp Outcomes software.

I am passionate about using solution focused hypnotherapy and my talent for inspiring others to help clients, young and old, make the changes they desire in life.

Change is just around the corner, so what are you waiting for? 

Contact me for more information or to arrange a FREE initial consultation with Dean Hypnotherapy.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.

07415 491527 I can help :)